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What Canada Ground Operations Going “Employee” Could Mean For US CSPs

Posted by Jeff Walczak on 6/21/23 7:05 PM

This week, it was announced that all Canada Ground operations are going to eventually be converted to FedEx Express Canada over the next year and a half, asAnnounce part of the larger Network 2.0 operational transformation.

While we don’t know what the plans are exactly for the U.S. network, we can make some logical assumptions about what the move probably means and doesn’t mean for current CSPs.

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KC Linehaul Event Recap

Posted by Ben Weil on 10/3/21 10:40 AM

Image by Dave Bowen

If you missed the “Maximizing Your Linehaul Potential” event held in Kansas City, here’s a brief recap of the day.

We and one of our strategically aligned partners, Rolling Equity Leasing (REL), hosted a daylong seminar examining FedEx Ground Linehaul Contracting. The presenters swiftly covered much ground. Much has changed from the old linehaul ways and more changes are on the way.

After quick introductions, the first presentation and following discussion predominantly impacted newcomers to linehaul contracting. Topics included subjects to focus on when starting, successful business habits, and thriving in a challenging market.

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