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Introducing eTruckBiz Capital

Posted by Jeff Walczak on 8/14/22 1:55 PM

THE biggest thing on everyone's mind today is their company's financial health. 

FXG measures it with the Financial Health Assessment, and it is top-of-mind as many must pay keen attention to fluctuating bank balances.Financial Services 1

In response to hundreds of requests, and in light of the current crisis, we are happy to announce the launching of our suite of Financial Services designed to help you with this current situation and beyond.

There will be several more specific services coming, but the first and maybe currently most needed is eTruckBiz Capital.

eTruckBiz Capital (Lending)

Your financial health matters to you, and you matter to us.

eTruckBiz Capital was developed to re-write the rules of common lending practices in order to make much needed capital available to the transportation truck

We have and can use your data to understand your business in ways that traditional banks do not & will not.

Your operational & financial data gives us the insight needed to find various lending products to match to your situation, whatever it may be. We offer:

  • Short term lending for things like payroll processing and operating expenses
  • Longer term financing for acquisitions & growth
  • Lines of credit for periodic needs like peak operations
  • Equipment financing
  • Smaller financing for things like training, maintenance or equipping your fleet with technology
  • And More!

Is A Loan The Right Thing For My Business?

The transportation industry, and specifically, the FXG space, provides steady, dependable cashflow that can be relied on for many things. We understand this and can build a program that will get you the capital you need while making it possible to repay the

A capital injection may be just the thing your business needs to handle short term issues, while strengthening operating margins and overall financial results for the long term.

We can even help point out areas for improvement while building your loan file and underwriting the loan. 

How Can eTruckBiz Do This?

We have achieved unique access to the capital markets that most individual transportation companies can't get. This means we can evaluate your situation, and find you the capital you need quickly. VIP

It is our broad reach across many capital sources that, combined with our ability to provide visibility not possible anywhere else, gives you a wide range of options and products.

This is not just "group purchasing" of goods or services. This is actually looking deep into your cash flow and debt service situation, understanding your revenue sources, and finding unique lending opportunities.

Is Capital Financing The Answer To Troubling Economic Times?

A capital injection may very well be the thing you need to catch your breath and give you the time and space needed to focus on improving your margins. 

There is "Good" debt and "Bad" debt:good bad

  • “Good” debt may help you reach your business goals. A term loan or line of credit is an example of debt that may have a positive impact if it is used towards strengthening your operating position & efficiencies. This type of borrowing can be seen as an investment in your future. Make sure the payments and fees are manageable for you in both the short-term and long-term before you take on any new debt.
  • “Bad” debt provides no long-term return. Taking out a loan to finance a vacation or using credit cards for shopping sprees, recreation, and dining out will only put you deeper in debt and increase your monthly payments.
What are my options?

Before you borrow, ask yourself:

    • Will borrowing improve my situation in the long run or are you borrowing for something that is not needed?
    • Questions
Could I wait until I can pay for this without having to borrow?
  • Is there an alternative to borrowing ― like selling something I own to fund the purchase?
  • Could I use my savings or other sources  to pay for it instead of borrowing? 
  • Will the additional monthly payment strain my budget and cash flow to the point that other debt service is hindered?

Keep In Mind

Network 2.0 is on the horizon and there is the possibility & promise that its overall impact will turn the tables on revenue concerns as more of it is revealed and implemented. It may make sense to get what could be looked at as "bridge financing" to get you to what appears to be better days ahead.

What Do I Do To Get Started?

Simply go to the eTruckBiz Capital page and click on the apply for funding now

 button and fill out the form.start here

Our originators will take it from there and help get you in a program suited to your needs.

What Else Are You Going To Offer As Part Of "Financial Services"?

We'll be unveiling it all shortly, but let's just say it will be EVERYTHING needed on your financial side of the house.

Stay Tuned!

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