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FedEx Contractors Misled About Contract Terms

Posted by Carey Manders on 11/8/22 12:30 PM

At eTruckBiz, our mission is simple- to help contractors run the easiest and most profitable business possible. Recently we’ve become aware of a potentially growing problem found within several contractors’ operating agreements. In each case, these were recently negotiated contracts done by popular brokers in the FXG space.

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Are You Gambling On Getting The Most Out Of Your New Negotiation?

Posted by Carey Manders on 6/14/20 12:48 PM

Don’t think it matters which MESO you choose when you negotiate?

Wanna bet?

We're sure you know you are gambling with the financial health of your biz when you pick a MESO based on:

  • What other CSP's say is the best one to take on Facebook
  • The one with the best incentive bonuses
  • Thinking they hide the best one behind door #3
  • No Research, No Analysis, No Data

This is what the other side hopes for, and knows many CSP's do.

It pays to do your homework and get some expert help to determine what the best offer is based on the unique characteristics of your CSA.

There's too much for you at stake to not give this issue the attention it deserves.

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16+ Benefits From Using An ISP Negotiation Consultant

Posted by Carey Manders on 8/12/17 12:26 PM

Some of you reading this have already negotiated your first ISP agreement.

Maybe more than one. Others, still have not gone through the process yet, and are wondering what to expect.

Whether you are a veteran, or going to be a rookie, we thought we'd take this opportunity to share with you what we have learned from helping more than 800 of you (as of August of 2017) successfully get through the process.

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What Determines The Value Of Your Company?

Posted by Carey Manders on 10/7/16 11:41 AM

Have you ever wondered how productive your operation is?

Do you want to know how efficient it is?

Do you think about how much your business might be worth?

You’re not alone.

We have people from all across the country that ask us these questions every day.

So, in response to these questions, we have developed a method for answering these questions.

We are in the unique position that we have visibility into all different types of
operations, big and small, rural, urban and yes, even linehaul. Not only can we see into these operations from a data standpoint, but as most of you know, we talk to many of you each day.

It is from our data, our over 70 years of experience, and from sharing best practices with all of you that we have crafted a very comprehensive report that gives you the answers to these burning questions.

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