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Why is FedEx Making This So Hard? Advice for Frustrated Contractors.

Posted by Jeff Walczak on 12/20/23 11:34 AM

In our last blog post, we released a legal summary of the most recent lawsuit making the rounds in the transportation business industry. Our goal was to provide contractors with the facts  and a summary along with our best industry recommendations. Our advice is always based on past experience and what we believe is best for contractors, but ultimately we want to empower contractors to make their own choices based on their unique business situations.

We know that FedEx Ground Contractors are frustrated- and you have a right to be. This business is challenging and it certainly feels like the rules and standards are always changing. Many contractors are feeling the margin squeeze more than ever, and we all know that more change is about to come with Express Integration.

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If the Contractor & FedEx relationship is supposed to be based on a partnership- why does it seem like FedEx makes it so hard for FXG Contractors? 

Why The Drive for Driver Productivity: Aligning Goals

FedEx's primary goal revolves around maximizing driver productivity. This objective isn't just beneficial for FedEx; it's also crucial for contractors. Enhanced driver productivity leads to more efficient operations, better service quality, and ultimately, greater profitability for both FedEx and its contractors. Understanding and aligning with this goal is essential for contractors looking to thrive within the FedEx system. Think of it this way: every step you take to boost driver productivity is a step towards enhancing your business's performance. It's about working smarter, not harder, and seeing tangible results in your operations. By syncing your objectives with FedEx's, you're placing yourself on a path of continuous improvement and growth.

The Low-Cost Provider/Contractor Model: A Necessity

Operating as a low-cost provider isn't just a choice for FedEx contractors; it's a necessity. This model ensures that services are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively, aligning with FedEx's broader strategy to remain competitive. Contractors are pivotal in this model, playing a key role in maintaining the balance between quality service and cost efficiency. If FedEx cannot remain the low-cost provider, the business model as a whole becomes threatened.

Shareholder Value: A Core Objective

FedEx's strategies, including its approach to working with contractors, are geared towards one key objective: making money for its shareholders. Every decision and policy is framed to maximize shareholder value by reducing operating costs, which sometimes translates into challenges for contractors. However, understanding this perspective can help contractors navigate the system more effectively.

Is FedEx Contracting Still a Good Business to Be In?

Cash Flow Business: Weekly Settlement

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In the transportation industry, FedEx contracting stands out as one of the most sought after opportunities. Steady, dependable cash flow is a rarity in the industry, but it is available in this space- primarily because contractors receive weekly payments every Friday. This allows for easy business and expense planning. It’s also a time and hassle saver by not having to manage an accounts receivable operation. 

Long-Term Valuation and Investment Strategy

Transportation companies that have contracts to provide services to FedEx are valuable. Fortunately, FedEx’s growth over time has led to increased business value of its Contracted Service Providers, making it a promising long-term investment strategy. This growth prospect adds to the attractiveness of being a FedEx contractor, offering more than just immediate income.

The Impact of Time Definite DeliveriesCanva Design DAF3iRX-yYk

The introduction of time definite deliveries in FedEx Ground terminals marks a significant turning point for contractors. This change promises to dramatically increase revenue potential, especially with the addition of extra pickups and enhanced stop pay. Contractors who adapt to this new system stand to see substantial growth in their earnings. Our e-Route driver app and Optix App will help you maximize efficiency and capacity- so you take advantage of this huge potential windfall.

Partnership with FedEx: More Than Just a Business

Being a FedEx contractor means more than running a business. It's a partnership with a Fortune 500 company, eliminating the need for extensive sales and marketing efforts and allowing contractors to focus on operational excellence. 

Financial Returns: Efficiency is Key

The financial returns of a well-managed FedEx contracting business can be impressive. Success hinges on operational efficiency, maximizing productivity, and utilizing available resources and tools. 

Support from eTruckBiz: Tools and Resources for Success

Contractors are not alone in their journey. With partners like eTruckBiz, you have access to a suite of tools and resources designed to optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and drive profitability. This support is invaluable in navigating the challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities within the FedEx contracting system.

Book a consultation with our team today to see how we can help your business be more profitable in 2024!

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