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The Early Bird Definitely Catches The Time-Commit Worm

Posted by Jeff Walczak on 3/4/24 2:03 PM

Are you wondering what changes, if any, you’ll need to make to accommodate yourHot Sheet 1-1 business’s transition to Network 2.0? If so, it may already be time to start thinking about and even implementing some time definite strategies into your operation.

CSPs that have already taken the first steps into Network 2.0’s fast-paced world, will tell you that time management and situational awareness is more important than ever. The inclusion of Time-Definite stops has changed the way they view dispatching drivers and how the drivers handle each day’s workload. Building a time definite strategy now will help you take better control of your current operation and dictate how successful you’ll be during and after the actual integration.

Preparing For Change

We’d like you to know that we’ve been working hard and spending a lot of time developing ways to help CSPs successfully transition into Network 2.0. The result is our new expressPRO package which combines new versions of our Driver, OPTIX and BOSS applications into one package focused on Time-Definite service. It benefits Drivers, BCs and AOs by taking complex logistical challenges and turning them into simple, easy to follow instructions that everyone can clearly monitor & follow.  

Still, even with state-of-the-art technology & tools, change is best served in small bites, over time.

With a change as big as Network 2.0, on the horizon, it is helpful to outline a strategy3524 Weekly Presentation - Express Pro - Should CSPs Get Started Implementing 2.0 Early for CSPs who want to come out of the transition smelling like a rose.

We have observed 2 kinds of business leaders out there.

There are those who will wait until they actually have to act because Time-Definite stops are finally on their trucks. From what we’ve already seen, these CSPs will fail service for months trying to adapt. They will run up unnecessary costs as they struggle to find a way to make Express service happen. Some will not make it either from exorbitant expenses which will cause them to run out of money, or, FedEx will lose patience with the poor service produced and end their misery for them.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of smart, forward thinking CSPs (AOs & 3524 Weekly Presentation - Express Pro - Should CSPs Get Started Implementing 2.0 Early (1)BCs) who realize that there's no time like the present to start preparing for the TDs. They are starting the process by learning & adopting the use of expressPRO now, so everybody on the team can understand how it all works and practice using the very best system for monitoring and ensuring service.

Implementing this transition now instead of when the added pressure of TDs is in place serves an additional purpose. It opens the dialogue up throughout  your organization and raises awareness concerning what is taking place.

A Little Help Here!

We know that FedEx can’t and won’t help specifically with your individual implementation plan for your business. Getting the word out to your drivers about what the transition is and why it is important falls on you.

Never fear though, we are working on helping you with this too. We have plans in place for creating awareness among drivers that will explain what the integration of Express into Ground is about and why CSPs may need to hold drivers more accountable than ever. More on this to come.

We’ll show them (and you!) how our new redesigned routing systems, like eRoute, help contractors keep everything organized and prioritized, in one easy to understand and follow package. 

The best part is that all this complex functionality is automated for effortlessly keeping track of it all for AOs, BCs and Drivers!

How Important Is This? 

The execution of the Network 2.0 model inside of the One FedEx strategy is THE most important initiative ever undertaken by FDX.

As such, they need everyone to come along for the ride. While there will be twists and turns along the way, the goal is to make FDX the most formidable transportation company in the world.3524 Weekly Presentation - Express Pro - Should CSPs Get Started Implementing 2.0 Early (2)

If they can, you’ll likely have a long, prosperous engagement with them. CSP businesses will be much more lucrative and worth significantly more than they are today. 

No pressure, but the future of FedEx and the future of your company is riding on you and your driver's ability to execute on Express stops and services.

Leave Procrastination Behind

Let's make this whole thing real easy!

If you are looking for:

  • A way to make the integration of TDs into your operation as easy and stress-free as possible
  • A proven way to steer drivers away from old habits and behaviors that are detrimental to the on-time completion of time definite stops, without having to turn them over
  • A little help addressing the issue of time definite stops so you can get on with other things that you want and need to do

Then we are here to help you with this undertaking.

Hundreds of contractors think that it makes a lot of sense to prepare for the influx of Express volume by preparing for it today. Learning and using the tools in expressPRO and the rest of the valuable eTruckBiz system will help you:

  • Breed familiarity with how TD stops work
  • Use and learn the tools in the expressPRO system
  • Save money in multiple ways which will make it easier to pay bills
  • Reduce driver turnover by including them in the loop on what changes are coming down the road
  • Ultimately hang onto your contract while other, non-prepared CSPs meet with a less desirable fate

An integrated ONE FEDEX is in everyone's future. Let us help you align your operation for success now!

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