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Introducing Our New Time Definite Assurance Package: expressPRO

Posted by Jeff Walczak on 2/26/24 6:19 PM

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product, expressPRO by eTruckBiz !

Nearly a year in development and with the feedback and lessons learned by those that already have ventured into the Express integration, you'll want to read the valuable information below and see what the buzz is all about. 

expressPRO is a powerful and innovative routing and monitoring solution designed to help CSPs achieve contracted Time-Definite service standards while significantly reducing overall routing software costs. In this blog post, we'll share some of the details about our exciting new product and why we believe it can make a difference for our clients.

It’s Tough Out There! Over the past several years, CSPs have had to deal with:

  • Deteriorating general workforce work ethic
  • Business margins squeezed to $0 or worse by inflation and by less than adequate negotiated charges
  • Erratic volume levels, which makes managing your business as difficult as it's ever been

You’d think that at this point, you’d get some help with these issues from your business partner, but alas, no direct help appears to be on the way. Network 2.0 will help with volume, but unleashing the complexities of Express Service into your already weary operation will be painful.

What is needed is something that helps demystify how to achieve Time-Definite contracted service levels while addressing the software cost issue. This is why we have worked for over a year to develop the ultimate solution to help you navigate through the stormy seas ahead.

We’ve taken some of the reliable, compliance-enhancing functionality of the current eTruckBiz product and added some key functionality to help you and your business achieve the demands of Network 2.0.

Help Is On The Way!

22724 Weekly Presentation - Introducing Express Pro

With expressPRO, you can make drivers’ lives easier by guiding them on stop priority decisions, which makes it simple for them to execute Time-Definite stops…on time. expressPRO also untangles Express operational knots created by various new services so BCs (and AOs) can monitor everything in one place, ensuring services are provided, and operations run smoothly.

expressPRO doesn’t stop there! As technology evolves, it should get better and less expensive. We’ve got you covered there too as we are able to deliver all the above at a significant cost reduction to what you are probably already spending on routing software. expressPRO will be offered at an introductory rate of $395 per contract.

That’s right, all the existing industry-leading eTruckBiz functionality, plus eXpressPro, for just $395! Have more than 1 CSA? No problem, additional CSAs are just $99.95 per additional CSA.

expressPRO Benefits

expressPRO is packed with many features & benefits. In fact, with what’s already in there, plus what’s on the drawing board, there are way too many to list here. expressPRO will make achieving Express Service easy while it lowers your overall P&D cost of operation.

There will be many ways to explore the many specific features and benefits of expressPRO coming soon. But here are just a few of the key features of the expressPRO Package:

  • Real-time connection to FXG data
  • Time Definite stops are clearly visible for drivers with navigation both on the map and through voice navigation
  • Alerts galore so there can be no mistaking that everyone in the operational loop knows the status of every single Time Definite stop
  • Super-important Preload status tracking so everyone can solve most of the logistical Time Definite challenges before even being dispatched
  • Abundant KPIs and calculations so progress can be measured in real-time
  • Drivers can track their own and their team’s performance
  • Everything is automated for drivers, like stop completion, for simplicity and accuracy
  • New easy to read and follow user interfaces that drivers enjoy
  • Time Definite “Hot-Sheet” for tracking and ensuring down-to-the-wire stops get serviced
  • Works on ANY device
  • Much, Much More!

But don't just take it from us, take it from our happy clients. 

“The new suite is so easy to navigate, provides my BC with all the information he needs, and is very helpful. The Time commits are priority and since we started using the app it has helped us make sure that we are at 100% everyday. We will continue to use the P&D Optix app as it helps us to reach our goals and keep our service at high levels for our only customer FedEx.." - John Speed

You can experience the benefits of expressPRO even before Time Definite stops are introduced into your operation. You should get the familiarization process going as you realize the significant cost savings for your routing software. If nothing else, why should you pay more for routing software than you have to?

Book a demo with Becca Manders, our expressPRO Sales Expert Today!

The Future Looks Bright!

We're excited about the potential of expressPRO to help CSPs achieve Express (and Ground) service levels and improve their bottom lines, and we hope you are too. The volume/revenue coming from the integration of Express into ground promises to be a game-changer for CSP margins and business values.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our new product, and we look forward to hearing about how expressPRO has made a difference in your business and your life!

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