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FedEx Reinstates Policy: Pre-assignment Drug Screening & Random Tests Under 10,000 lbs Gross Vehicle Weight

Posted by Jeff Walczak on 5/3/24 12:20 PM

As of May 1, 2024, FedEx has reinstated pre-assignment controlled substance screenings for vehicles weighing less than 10,001 lbs., marking a significant policy shift after the COVID-related waiver period. This update now requires all service provider driver candidates submitted for operation of vehicles to undergo drug screenings.

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As most of you reading this know, this will end up having a significant impact on your recruiting efforts and possibly affect your ability to retain some of your current drivers!

 Here’s what you need to know and how you can prepare for these changes:

Key Details of the Policy Update:

  1. Mandatory Screening Reinstatement: The reinstated screenings affect service providers handling non-DOT vehicles under 10,001 lbs. Every candidate must now pass the pre-assignment drug screening to be considered for positions.
  2. One Chance Rule: Candidates will only be offered one pre-assignment screening. If a candidate leaves the collection site before the process is complete, it will be declared a refusal, which could significantly impact your ability to staff your operations.
  3. Failure and Refusal Consequences: Candidates who fail or refuse the screening will not be eligible to be assigned to provide services for 12 months and are subject to a Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Process (SAP).
  4. Continuous Compliance: All service provider personnel operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) under the ISPA are subject to random screenings, ensuring compliance is ongoing.


Strategies for Contractors to Adapt:

Development of a robust recruiting strategy is a must!

To mitigate the increased difficulty and time of recruiting for normal turnover, and to prepare for the impact of  potential driver turnover due to these stringent policies, developing a robust recruitment process will be crucial. 

Here’s how eTruckBiz can assist:

  • Proactive Recruitment: Engage in continuous recruitment efforts to maintain a pool of pre-screened candidates ready to step in when needed. Our full-service recruiting program will eliminate the burden of the extra time and effort that will be required to comply with the reinstated policy.
  • Clear Communication: Ensure that all potential candidates are aware of the screening requirements from the outset to avoid surprises and ensure compliance.
  • Understand the Challenge: With the 2018 Farm Bill and the possibility of change in classification, the impact of these screenings will dramatically impact every contractor's operation. Your recruiting efforts will likely need to 5x or more due to readily available, and federally legal, THC products.

Partner with eTruckBiz for Seamless Transition:

Transitioning to be compliant to these new regulations can be challenging. Partnering with eTruckBiz can ease this transition:

  • Comprehensive Services: From recruiting to payroll, eTruckBiz handles the tedious back-end operations, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.
  • Expertise and Support: Our team’s deep understanding of FedEx operations and compliance requirements means you’re always ahead of policy changes and equipped to handle them efficiently.

While the reinstatement of pre-assignment drug screenings may seem daunting, with the right preparations and partnerships, you can navigate these changes effectively. eTruckBiz is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your operations remain smooth, compliant, and profitable.

Stay informed and prepared to tackle any challenge that comes your way with eTruckBiz. If you have any questions or need assistance setting up a robust recruitment and compliance process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s ensure your FedEx operation continues to thrive in a changing regulatory environment.

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