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eTruckBiz Just Got Better - Unveiling The New Platform

Posted by Jeff Walczak on 11/15/20 1:22 PM

eTruck Biz Offerings

For more than 8 years, we’ve been building products & services to help CSP’s transform the way they approach running their businesses.

Recently, the FXG model itself has been transforming in unprecedented ways. For most CSP’s , the days of being a “hands-on” operator are gone, and the need to provide leadership & management through systems, processes and people are quickly being implemented. The days where you or your BC’s could “jump in a truck” to fix things are gone.

Lifestyle businesses are on the way out, being replaced by transportation companies. Owners & drivers are turning to different types of technology to get their jobs done. You and your managers can now turn to technology to oversee the drivers, get training as well as monitor your financial well being, all in real time!

The CSP transformation from Lifestyle Business to Transportation Company, is exposing the need for Training, Services, Software & Consulting, specifically designed for the FXG model, that are clearly not coming from FXG (by design). As your transportation company grows, it’s apparent how it is more difficult than ever to acquire and maintain these key business components.

These needs present unique challenges, but they also represent a significant opportunity to help people succeed in this high energy and increasingly stressful business opportunity. With the right solutions in place, owners and managers are better able to control otherwise destructive actions, spend time on productive things that matter most, and achieve business success.

The solution that provides a CSP the ability to easily lead and manage is the revamped eTruckBiz Platform Of Products and Services: everything related and needed, to smoothly run a modern transportation company is now in one place.

eTruckBiz now includes everything you need to enter, smoothly run, and then exit the business. It includes all of the productivity applications needed for monitoring efficiency, taking care of your equipment, scheduling employees, tracking revenue & expenses and even to sell off parts of, or your whole business. Whether you're new to the business, a seasoned veteran, or constructing an exit strategy, the eTruckBiz Platform is the best way to learn, execute, and make what you desire to happen.

With the eTruckBiz Business Platform, we’re introducing three major developments:

  • a new, deeply integrated set of products & services that compliment each other and are more effective together, are connected to eliminate repetition of effort, and enable companies to move through the entry, execution and exit stages easily and profitably
  • a new brand family of related companies & other integrations that reflect our ambitious product vision and the way our services work together
  • easier ways to get started with business solutions tailored to the unique needs of our transportation company clients

New User Experience

Unboxed 2020 Ft. LauderdaleAt Unboxed in February, 2020 in Ft. Lauderdale, we announced our concerted effort to create the ability to access and use data in ways beneficial to who is using each part of the platform. One that thoughtfully brings together core tools for communication and accountability—like our phone app, tablet app, and desktop environment, into a single, unified experience to ensure that employees have access to everything they need in one place.

This integrated experience will soon be generally available to all current subscribers.

In the coming months, we’ll be debuting many new and improved products and services designed to help you do things like ensure a “profitable” dispatch, monitor daily compliance activity, keep your expenses up to date and coded , manage from a budget, and plan CSA spinoffs and even exit strategies.

eTruckBiz Optix AppWe've already made it easier for clients to monitor most all aspects of their operation with the first version of the new OPTIX App. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to not only watch the operational performance of your trucks and drivers in real time, but you’ll be able to track the revenue and expenses of every stop and action a driver takes. This makes it easy to monitor your margins as they happen and allows you to take corrective action, not only to maintain service, but the profitability of your operation as well. When you see it, we know you’ll agree it is truly ground-breaking technology that all but assures you maximize your revenue and profits every day.

With every minute you spend at working “in” your business, instead of “on” your business, there is an opportunity cost of time that could have been spent on monitoring and improving operational efficiencies. In this business, efficiency and productivity are everything.

We’ve been working hard to add helpful features making it easier to work “on” your business and get your most important work done. For example, our new scheduling functionality will tie in with engineering and planning the upcoming days’ workloads, and then a dispatch tool making it possible for even the newest B.C. to optimally and profitably perform dispatch duties with ease-which means less time guessing at what to do during dispatch, and more time ensuring that your operation is dispatched with profitably distributed workloads. And beginning today, we will be rolling out integrations with several important business partners that will flat-out save you significant money, doing what you do everyday (for starters, think saving money on fuel).

By connecting all your relevant data and information in the eTruckBiz system, you and your staff will get more done in a more profitable manner than ever before.

We also recognize that there have been some voids in our ground-breaking products over the years. Rest assured knowing that we have made significant investments in time and money, improving our flagship software system.

Soon, we’ll introduce our new, next-generation, Business Operations Support System, or, what we’ll be referring to as the “B.O.S.S” system as a few of you have seen already. It will be replacing and improving on our old system over time, and it will allow us to help you in ALL aspects of your operation. From engineering and planning, to operational monitoring & correction, to administration and compliance and absolutely not least, monitoring and tracking your business income and expenses specifically related to your operational goals and contract negotiation.

eTruckBiz TrainingSpeaking of voids, we plan to offer many more training opportunities available very soon. Just ask anyone who has attended any of our classes or seminars in the past and you’ll likely hear how this time and effort was well spent. Be on the lookout for everything from New Investor seminars to more things aimed at B.C’s, and maybe even drivers!

You spoke, and we listened. You wanted an all-encompassing business support system that addresses all aspects of your enterprise, not just fancy maps that tell drivers where to go. We think that with our new software and services, combined with a clear abundance of helpful transportation management & executive experience, we have the ultimate way to make a difficult business easier to run.

This year (2020) has been unlike any other year. It has, however, moved FXG’s transformation plans along much quicker than were planned. If you were able to adapt and change with them, then the future is looking very bright for you. And now, we believe that we have the comprehensive support and administration platform that has changed and adapted for you as well.

Here’s to a bright and prosperous future!

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