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Announcing eTruckBiz University, Business Training For FXG Contractors!

Posted by Jeff Walczak on Dec 20, 2015 12:17:11 PM

Today, we'd like to announce a new initiative for 2016 that is aimed at helping you runeTruckBiz_University_2.png your business better!

We would like to announce:  eTruckBiz University!

The purpose of eTruckBiz University is to be a source of continuing education and business training that you and your supervisory people cannot get from FXG. It is a way for you to get away from the daily grind so you can put things into perspective.

It is essential Business Training For FXG Contractors!

This off-site training is aimed at the business issues that challenge you and your staff everyday.

It's a way to learn from our staff's 63+ years FedEx management and executive experience, as well as learn from each other. It's the formal business training that FXG would like to give you, but can't.

The classes will be held quarterly, with the first ones scheduled to start on Feb 15th.

The subjects  and class content  can be found on the eTruckBiz University information page.  

There are courses specifically designed for FXG contractors, new and experienced.

There are also courses for your management personnel.

These courses are critical investments into your business. The need for these should be obvious, but if you question the need for this type of investment into yourself or your people, just look at what your parent company does. They make significant investments into their people.

You should do the same.

The courses will be held in Huntsville, Al. Details are on the information page

You can call us with questions at 855-873-8585.

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