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3 Steps to Prepare for 7-Day Service

Posted by Ben Weil on 6/16/19 9:00 AM

FedEx recently announced that seven-day service will be starting in 2020. This means big changes for FXG Contractors.
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"Eight Days a Week" is a popular song written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon in the 1960's about love. According to McCartney, the title was inspired not by love, but by work.

He has been quoted as saying when he asked his chauffeur how he was doing, the chauffeur replied, "Oh working hard, working eight days a week." (Wikipedia, May 22, 2019).

You and your drivers probably feel the same about FedEx' recent announcement to move FXG to a seven-day work week.

"Lifestyle" Contractors are not structured to succeed in the new environment. What's a Lifestyle Contractor you ask?

The owner and/or managers drive delivery trucks on a routine basis compared to Transportation Companies where the owners and managers rarely drive delivery trucks.

How will you succeed in the new environment?

Here are three simple steps to take if you haven't already.

Step-1: Start recruiting now! FedEx isn't waiting until you're ready. They've made their intentions very public.

The competition is already delivering on Sundays and you're late to the game.

You need drivers who

a.) will work 4 varying days per week,

b.) will not complain about working weekends, and

c.) understand their workday does not end at 3:00 PM.

Step-2: Hire flexible drivers willing to work schedules that change week-to-week.

Small shopkeepers were replaced decades ago by department stores that opened their doors on Sundays.

E-commerce has changed customers' expectations about home delivery, and CSP's who refuse to change will be replaced like local shopkeepers.

Step-3: Learn to create new work schedules. Seek out professionals who can teach you how to operate seven days using varying schedules. Attend seminars. Sign-up for online training.

Bottom line is if you're going to survive, you must be willing to adapt.

At eTruckBiz, helping CSP's become profitable is what we do. We succeed only when our customers succeed.

It's been said if you don't prepare, the new environment won't be fair!

Until our next post...

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