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A Game-Changing Way To Acquire Driver Leads

Posted by Jeff Walczak on Oct 4, 2015 10:39:51 AM

One of the most difficult and tedious tasks that an FXG CSP faces, is the continuous burden of finding new drivers.

Driver Recruiting Tool

In order to find new drivers, you first must have a solid way of sourcing new potential driver leads

This can't be that hard...right?


How do you find them? Where do you find them? What do you do if you find them? How can you screen through them to get some good candidates, without it taking too much time and effort? Can you organize the ones I have so that you can find them and work on them when you need to? Can you email the good ones an application?

We've created a revolutionary new tool to make it easy to do all of this.

See how ...

We've added a truly hassle-free way for eTruckBiz for FXG subscribers to acquire many quality driver leads.

All you need to do is get it started, and we'll take it from there!

To see how, all you need to do is login to your eTruckBiz system.

Go to the Human Resources Button group > Recruiting > Prospects > Leads Found By eTruckBiz. Here you will find the new "Purchase New Leads" button.

 Purchase New Leads Button


Once you place your order for new leads, we'll:

1) Place a Craigslist add for your area.

2) Send your opening to over 10 major online search services like, and other transportation recruiting web services.

*3) Tap a little known way to get your opportunity in front of, what may be the best pool of candidates: those who are already qualified and working elsewhere! We have developed a way to text some good drivers who are already employed, to let them know about your opportunity! (This is huge, so keep it to yourself!)

4) Collect driver candidate information, in one place, where it will be organized and filed for your use, when you need it.

5) All applicants know that they are looking at an opportunity with a FedEx Ground Contractor, before they reply to your opportunity.

So, once we put all these pieces in place, for you, you'll end up with a great database of candidates from which to draw from.

The leads will start hitting your database in a day or two.

Above all, it's simple and easy to use!

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