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What's Your Time Keeping Solution?

Posted by Jeff Walczak on Mar 23, 2015 1:20:02 PM

This is a hot one!

If you haven't already done so, during your annual compliance certification, you will be asked by TimeClock2FXG to certify that you have "established a system for recording and maintaining records of hours worked by employees".

There are lots of theories as to why, but the bottom line is, you need to have a way to do this.

So, you can get all bent out of shape complaining about this little zinger, or we can look for an easy way to do this that satisfies the requirement, and, turns this new task into a positive for your bottom line! 

First, we need to point out that FXG is NOT making you pay your employees by the hour. However, you could. Just keep this in mind.

Second, in the video that explains the new requirement, there is a part that explains basically that they don't want you using anything that involves them collecting or reporting time. They want you to have a system that is independent of any of their administration.



Third, did you also know that in the Annual Compliance Certification, you are also being told that some CSP's will be subject to audits of your hours of service? Your timekeeping method needs to have:

  • Way to verify the work reporting location - eTruckBiz does
  • A way to record time for every kind of work performed, not just driving - eTruckBiz does
  • The ability to flag and alert you if your employee is nearing or violating any of the current DOT hours of service rules - eTruckBiz does
  • A handy way to log and document breaks of all kinds - eTruckBiz does
  • A report that can be generated at any time for any audit purposes - yep, eTruckBiz does

Not only does eTruckBiz For FXG have the answer for compliance, but let's take the next step. TakeTheNextStep

Your business' profitability depends on the productivity of your drivers. If there is one thing that you should be constantly trying to improve, it is this. Do you measure driver productivity so that you can affect change to this vital business metric?

Up until now, there was not an easy way for you to do this. As a result, driver productivity has been largely overlooked.

Don't get me wrong, there are some ultra-productive drivers out there, but there are some that are costing you money, lots of it, in poor performance. Especially if you pay a flat rate per day.

I've heard all the arguments, but based on your business model, there is little else you can do outside of cost control to improve your bottom line. 

The next biggest area for increasing your business margins is the constant improvement of your driver productivity. What is focused on expands, and the only way to focus on this issue is to measure it first.

Our tool will take this new, painful administrative task that you need to perform (hours capture and tracking), and turn it into driver productivity metrics that you can now improve.

The system takes your settlement upload data, and combines it with hours worked and provides you with a wide range of metrics. Once you know them, then you can improve productivity, and your profitability.

eTruckBiz has built this measurement specifically for FXG CSP's. No other system out there does this just for you, the way you need it done! 

We invite you to post some comments below on how you will be handling this new compliance item:

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