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A Contractor's Guide To The ISP Negotiation Process

Posted by Jeff Walczak on Dec 14, 2015 10:15:24 PM

The time has come to look at the ISP Negotiation process from the contractor perspective. 

First, let's go ahead and call it what it is: David v. Goliath, FBS vs. FCS, Large Cap vs. Completed_Cover_ISP_Negotiation_Guide.pngSmall Cap. It's the tremendous resources of FXG vs. those of an individual contractor. I think we can all agree that from the ability to influence, FXG holds the cards.

But that doesn't mean, a contractor cannot conduct a meaningful, and even successful negotiation. It just means that in order to do so, the contractor needs to do some homework, and find some very special tools and help.

Well, now, finally, the tools, and help exist...

We have developed a new eBook, "A Contractor's Guide To The ISP Negotiation Process" for your use.

It is a combination of your experiences, and ours. It is a look how to approach the new contract in the right mindset, along with some basics that need to be considered at the outset.Work_Backwards-1.png

We then go through each "agreement term" to discuss it's importance in the bigger picture, and how to get what you want from each.

We realized that something was needed to help YOU in this process. Something that will give you a very clear understanding of what it is you are negotiating. Something that is in your corner and has your best interest in mind. Something and somebody that is not on the FXG payroll.

We think we have “something” special for you!

We don’t want to portray this process as adversarial (us vs. them),  but when you look at how it is conducted, it is without question tilted and conducted in a manner that is in favor of your parent company. It’s time to give you the means to be able to Contract_Negotiation_2.jpgtilt the playing field back.

Keep in mind, that it is not in FXG’s best interest to negotiate you out of business, and they won’t. But also know that your negotiators are working on behalf of the shareholders, and the negotiators are trying to negotiate the best deal they can for FXG, not you.

 It is up to you to do the best you can for yourself.

Download the eBook and let us help you!



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